Bike Shuttle Monte Grappa

Monte Grappa Shuttle Bike: we offer a complete and flexible bike shuttle service on Monte Grappa for lovers of the outdoors. We can transport bicycles, people and equipment so you can make the most of the trails on this mountain with lots to discover and where nature, culture and history all come together.

Whether you want to ride to the top – Cima Grappa – on your bike travelling the legendary 10 ascents, cycle downhill Monte Grappa on thrilling descents, or follow MTB trails in the heart of this mountain, Monte Grappa is a true paradise for outdoor pursuits. This is a place with so much to discover, where humankind and nature have established a unique relationship, so much so that this year it is the Italian Candidate for the UNESCO MAB Biosphere Reserve.



We’ll help you to discover Monte Grappa!
We carry people with bikes in tow.
We have trailers and bike racks.
You can ride your bike whether it’s for Road, Gravel, MTB or Downhill use, or alternatively hire one from our partner company.


We’ll take you to:
Want to start from somewhere else?
We can do that!

Up to 9 bikes guaranteed

We can carry up to 9 people with bikes, luggage and bike-bags in tow

Every morning including Weekends

We can take you and your bikes to Monte Grappa every morning. Weekends too!

Reserve your place

To ensure the best service it is advisable to book by the evening before at the latest

Pick Up e Drop Off

We can come and pick you up or take you wherever you want along the route

Bikes and hang gliders too!

We can carry people, bikes, hang gliders and paragliders all at the same time!

Bike Rental

E-bikes, road bikes, mtb or gravel bikes, through our Partner company you can hire the type of bike you prefer.

Bike Route

Discover Monte Grappa on Bike

Our drivers are at your complete disposal to suggest itineraries for every bike need: downhill, gravel, mtb or e-bike!

Private Taxi

After your bike ride or flight you can sample the delights of our territory between Asolo, the UNESCO hills of the Prosecco Superiore, and the UNESCO Dolomites.  We have a food and wine culture that’s unique! You just relax, we’ll take care of you!


Bike Shuttle Montegrappa

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